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NORDIC PSYCHOLOGY is from January 1, 2009 an online journal which publishes original papers in all areas of psychology. The journal aims to reflect the particular ‘Northern Light’, which in Scandinavia is characterized by special working approaches used by psychologists in Northern welfare societies with a developed public health system, a fine-meshed social security system, a high educational level, a fully developed working programme for children and young persons, and intense working efforts in the area of refugees.


The purposes of NORDIC PSYCHOLOGY are to promote exchange between psychological theory and practical application, by giving access to research to a broad, international readership including researchers, practitioners and students in education. Empirical, theoretical and methodological papers are welcomed including action research, case studies, critical reviews of the literature, experimental studies and surveys. Important criteria in the selection of process are quality of argument and execution, clarity in presentation and educational significance. 

NORDIC PSYCHOLOGY is published with support from Scandinavian Research Councils in cooperation with Dansk Psykologisk Forlag.


NORDIC PSYCHOLOGY is in English. Read about the terms in the Guideline for submission.

To order subscription please contact Dansk Psykologisk Forlag at info@dpf.dk or call +45 4546 0050. You can also register online at www.psycontent.com to order subscription, single issues or articles. See how to register/subscribe: English guidelines - Danish guidelines.


Editorial Board:

Associate professor, PhD, Klaus Nielsen (editor in Chief), klausn@psy.au.dk
Professor, DMCs, Peter Elsass, peter.elsass@psy.ku.dk

PhD, Patrick Jern, patrick.jern@abo.fi

PhD, Mira Karrasch, mira.karrasch@abo.fi


Cand.Psych., PhD, Tine Jensen, t.k.jensen@nkvts.unirand.no

Docent Marie-Louise Ögren, mlon@psychology.su.se

Psychologist, PhD, Gunilla Guvå, gunilla.guva@telia.com

New editor is to be appointed



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